Sunday, February 22, 2015


While we were practicing a song last night, Hilena was trying to decide whether she should belt a certain section or sing it softly as she usually sings most things. She decided to give belting a try, commenting that:

"I've learned that I need to belt more in life." -Hilena, my music friend who isn't afraid to push herself

And then coincidentally, when I skimmed through PostSecret this morning my eyes landed on this particular postcard:

As someone who often feels lonely and confused, I was awestruck and deeply moved. I guess this is supposed to mean that when you know yourself, you can celebrate yourself (or at least know that you're not lacking), which means you don't need other people around to make you feel like you're somebody. Or, you can be sure that you're worth being around even when there's no one there.

Self-knowledge is indeed some powerful stuff.

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