Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My Secret French Half-Brother

I had a superbly awesome dream last night! But before I tell you about it, first let me be a little candid about my family for a moment.

My family has recently expanded because... one of my older cousins recently found out that he has a grown 20-something-year-old son that he hadn't known about! This cousin of mine is a deacon, who's married and already has three kids and a grandchild. Scandalous, right? Well, that's what you'd like to think. But after some initial shockwaves once the news had made it all the way through the grapevine, everyone's actually been pretty cool about it. And just this Sunday the family went out to eat in celebration of another cousin's birthday, and this New Long-Lost Cousin, his fiancée, and their two kids were in attendance. No more secrets, no drama, it's all good.

Now. Ma and I had been discussing this last night, and coincidentally I dreamt that I became acquainted with my own secret brother the same age as me! Except.... He was French! Yes, my dad had apparently had a son with a French woman. Which makes no sense considering he's never been to France and I doubt he's ever met a French person in his life, but moving on.

This French half-brother of mine's name started with the letter "M", he was light-skinned, loved hip-hop, liked wearing hoodies and snapbacks, and overall was just an extremely cool dude. And despite the awkward circumstances, we took to each other right away! In this dream, he made his way over to the States from France so that we could bond and he could experience America for the first time, and we were like homies. We got along extremely well, we spoke a mixture of French and English to each other (I learned from him and he learned from me), and we never argued about anything, not even where my dad was concerned.

M was so likeable that he just attracted people to him. So much so that by the end of my dream he had more American friends than I do, despite initially not knowing anyone or being able to speak English very well! My French half-brother was, in short, the bomb.

And I have no shame in admitting that when I woke up from that dream this morning, my first thought was Dang, now I want a long-lost half brother too! Someone to relate to because we're close in age, someone to occasionally rag on my dad with, someone to practice French with, a reason to visit France regularly and actually have a place to stay when I go there... Man. If only that'd been real.

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