Monday, February 2, 2015

Sessions with Sue 28

This past Friday went so much better than the last session, which was encouraging given the concerns I've been having! We mostly talked about the career fair/events that I went to, my meeting Shay and our subsequent open mic night deal (I got her to sing last Tuesday so next Tuesday I have to do it!), my weight woes, and of course, my dad harrassing me through text and voicemail:

  • Part of frustration you're having with your weight and your dad is that they're out of your control
    • doing what you've been told are all the right things, but weight's not coming off
    • been ignoring your dad for four months and haven't done anything to antagonize him, but he still won't leave you alone. 
  • For you, your dad's like the dark spot in your life; try to forget about it but it always resurfaces; it's like it's always on your back
  • that you feel this way indicates that it's unresolved (?); not doing anything or engaging with him at all is probably fine for now; but at some pint you'll have to figure out how you'll handle this thing for the long run

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