Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sessions with Sue 29

Maybe I spoke too soon? Because today's session felt slightly same ol' again. But I'm keeping my hopes up! Today we discussed how depressed I was Monday and Tuesday and how things turned around Tuesday night through a set of fortunate events, the job interview I have coming up on Friday, and my dad harrassing me (yes, still):

  • Having meaningful and lighthearted interactions with people often does make you feel better, even on those dark days when you'd rather retreat and hide, and even if it's awkward or uncomfortable at first
  • Your thoughts create your feelings, so consciously try to replace those negative thoughts when they come with ones that make you feel happy
    • Like instead of thinking about how dumb your French linguistics class makes you feel, think about how calm and fulfilled you feel when you walk dogs through the woods at the shelter

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