Thursday, February 12, 2015

Things People Give Me #17

Late this past Saturday I was at Hilena's dorm room trying to prepare for open mic night. Basically I was just singing through songs that I've written and getting her feedback on them and whether she thought they'd be good to sing on Tuesday. 

Hilena's definitely not a slob, but the order in her room had definitely digressed since the last time I was there. And so while I was idly sliding my feet along the carpet I happened to step on this coin, and she let me keep it! It's an Ethiopian 10 cent coin that Hilena brought back from one of her trips to visit family there. And while she insisted that it was basically useless (worth less than one US penny), I thought it was so cool! I still have money that I've kept from going to Quebec, Japan, France, and England, so getting my hands on another foreign currency is exciting to me. Now I have one more to add to my collection! Thanks, Hilena!

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