Thursday, January 28, 2016

Talking with Yasmin 11

Today I'd come in with things I wanted to talk about (can't remember what they are now), but Yasmin had had two exercises in mind so we went with those instead. She said it was up to me to choose, since it was my session. But then I figured that if she'd taken time to plan something out I might as well see what it was about. Turns out it wasn't about much. The first exercise was listening to her read from a certain book, and that was nice. The second exercise had something to do with self-esteem and was a dud, to be quite honest. I know she's trying, but meh. Eh well. Blahblahblah. Notes here:
  • Yasmin starting off by reading Be-good-to-yourself Therapy book by Cherry Hartman
    • Express your opinions; it's good to hear yourself talk
    • Asking for what you need/want and respecting whatever "no's" you might get, but not inflating the importance of said "no's"
    • Been trying to avoid rejection like the bogeyman because you're not sure how to rebound from it and don't want to know what that "no" says about you and what you're lacking
  • Feeling unmotivated this week; been thinking about the fact that there are no guarantees in life
    • No guarantee that things will work out for you, no guarantee that people will receive you or respond well to you, no guarantee that the thing you love to do will ever love you like, what's the point?
    • Not trying to be negative, just astounded by the uncertainty of everything. Everything is a risk and that's terrifying

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