Thursday, January 14, 2016

Talking with Yasmin 9

Today's session began with mediation and ended with a homework assignment! Doing something different, which is a welcome change from me just coming in, sitting down, talking, crying, talking while crying, and then leaving as usual. Well I mean that happened too, but at least this time it wasn't the only thing that happened. Here are my notes:

  • Been feeling better
  • Declined the interview for a certain job in Japan; even though moving to Japan is something that you really want, had the intuition to know that you had to let this particular opportunity go; feel you need to make peace with yourself first before uprooting your life to another continent
  • "Waiting around" meditation; looking inward during periods of waiting and uncertainty instead of diverting to outward distractions
  • Developing self-compassion
    • Common humanity; sense of yourself as part of humanity in which other people share your struggle and difficult experiences, can empathize with yourselves and each other 
    • Try hugging yourself; hug yourself by placing hands over heart, reassuring yourself that you're not alone because you always have you
  • For NEXT WEEK: As you have them, make a list of negative thoughts/criticisms that you form toward yourself and re-frame them as compassionate statements

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