Sunday, March 8, 2015

People Always Ask Me for Directions and I Don't Know Why.

Lord have mercy! I swear, every time I travel to a new place for the first time, I end up being asked for directions. During my first semester at MSU people were asking me how to get to Wells, Breslin, Wharton, the Union. When I went to DC three years ago, a brotha stopped me in the metro and asked me which lines to take to get to the airport. When I was in Paris last summer, a young French couple stopped their car in front of me to ask for directions to the Eiffel Tower. It happens all the time no matter where I go! And what do you know, New Orleans is no different.

This evening I was standing at an intersection in front of a grocery store when a man with is lady on his arm tapped my shoulder from behind and asked, "Excuse me, ma'am. Where do you recommend that we eat?" Of course I explained that I couldn't help them, "Oh sorry, I'm not from here so I wouldn't know." Meanwhile in my head I was thinking, Goodness, it's happening again! Don't misunderstand, I love helping people. But just once, can't I go somewhere new and be a newbie like everybody else? Deela can't have the answers all the time!

If only I knew why this keeps happening to me. Maybe I just have a trustworthy-looking face? Or an approachable demeanor? Or something?

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