Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sessions with Sue 32

Our session on Wednesday was a fairly normal one. Not as eye-opening as the last, but still a good conversation. I spent most of the time just filling Sue in on my spring break in New Orleans and whatever else has happened in the past couple of weeks. Below are the only notes that I took:
  • Hanging out with the girls in New Orleans was fun but puzzling; Don't have much experience with social interactions, which is why you're surprised when people are nice to you, especially people you don't know (why are they being nice to me? why are they letting me join in? they don't find me boring? I'm not cramping their style?) ; you feel overly grateful as if they're doing you a favor
  • When you see the endocrinologist on Monday about why you're not losing weight despite lifestyle changes/discipline/ a lot of hard work since December, make sure you tell her how depressed it's making you feel; you might think it's irrelevant and that doctors are only concerned about the "medical" part, but if she's a good doctor she'll understand that the physical and the mental are a packaged deal

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