Sunday, March 1, 2015

Outings: Dice & Ice

This is my first outing ( going out and doing something fun on purpose) of the year! And it was pretty tame as far as nights out go. Ended February with more of a thud than a bang, but it's all good!

Dice & Ice - Munn Ice Arena (28 February)
  • Ate dinner at a different caf than usual and they had sausage bread! Sausage bread was a favorite Christmas treat of mine during high school and I hadn't had it in years; delicious and nostalgic!
  • Caught a glimpse of a poster promoting the "Love Yourself" campaign that's been going on throughout the month of February
  • First time visiting Munn Ice Arena: check.
  • Dice & Ice, aka Casino Night, aka Bingo Night for me since I don't play cards! Getting my grandma on, woop woop!
  • Speaking of which, a group of girls actually brought their grandma with them. This lady sat right up front, and she was killin' the game and having a ball!
  • Circa 1954 bingo cards 
  • Ahh, bingo is practically the simplest game ever, but people get so into it and it's hilarious when they do: "Talk louder!" and "Dang where my numbers at?? Can I get some numbers?!" and "N42! Call one more! I need N42!" 
  • At one point while I was playing one of the student planners of the event came up to me and said, "I know this is probably super creepy but I always love when you sing at open mic night. Keep doing it!" Shoutout to Danielle F. for the encouragement!
  • Pita Pit turkey + blt
  • Sparty making his rounds
  • Forgot how raffle tickets work (you turn in one half and keep the other), so I wasted the first two tickets I won; won four more and put them all in for a $30 Target gift card, but tonight wasn't my lucky night
  • DJ set highlights: "One Last Time" by Ariana Grande, "Dirty Little Secret" by All-American Rejects, "7/11" by Beyonce, "You Know, You Know" by Drake, and "24 Hours" by TeeFLii
  • My wares: 1) a plastic "gold coin" that I might've turned in for tickets but didn't wan to be greedy 2) a t-shirt promoting safe sex; not a particularly pertinent message for an abstinent virgin like myself, but hey! It was free, it's not in a hideous color, and it's got a duck on it, so why not?

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