Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"B*tch" vs. "N*gga"

"Just because I'm a b*tch today doesn't mean I'm a b*tch tomorrow!" -Prof. R. Harrison
During an after-class discussion about reclamation/reappropriation of demeaning titles through self-identification. This professor of mine is a feminist and calls herself a b*tch sometimes and is fine with it, but other people can't call her one. However she had reservations about using the n-word in the same casual way. A black classmate of mine named C had the same thinking about the n-word (I and my fellows can call each other that, but other people can't say it to me), but he was appalled and confused that Prof. Harrison and other women could even conceive of using the word "b*tch" as a term of endearment or empowerment. They were basically having a very animated discussion about the differences between the terms, and the severity and degrading qualities of one versus the other. It was ridiculously entertaining to watch and be a part of.
(In case anyone would like my opinion on the matter,  I think both are ugly, degrading, and dehumanizing words that are steeped in too much history and violence to be taken lightly. I refuse to use them and do not advocate using them,  no matter who the speaker is. But you know,  people will do as they will.)

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