Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sessions with Sue 7

Yesterday was the first time that I made it through an entire session without crying. Not a single tear. It's not like I was trying not t cry;  it's just that I've been maintaining a positive attitude lately and I've been taking things more lightly than I did last week. Plus, a lot of good things have happened for me in the past seven days (I'm in a band now, our audition went well, my interview for the honors college also went well, a student-run play accepted my script for their show this year, etc.) So I spent most of the time talking about all those good things, how I felt about them, and realizations about my habits and thought patterns that I've made.  I only took a few notes this time:
  • Singing/creating is feeding your soul!
  • It's interesting how one person, on a seemingly random occasion, was able to make you feel comfortable enough to take a chance, open up, and share things that you've been adamant about keeping from most other people.
  • How awesome it is that this person as come into your life, and you were willing to be receptive to her and her friendship, at just the right time.
  • There's never any need or reason to force a relationship.
  • You're an adult now. And unlike when you were a child, you get to decide what kind of relationship you want to have with your dad and what that'll look like.

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