Sunday, February 23, 2014

My mom is perfect for me!

Around when I first started going to see Sue, Ma and I knew that my dad would often come up as a source of many of my issues. But Ma also wanted me to know that if it came up that she was also doing something wrong, I should feel free to tell her about it,

"If there's anything I can do different, let me know. Sometimes I wonder if I could've done more for you or done things another way. So if I'm part of the problem, I'd like to know so I can fix it. It's okay, you can tell me."

But the more I see Sue, the more and more I receive affirmation that Ma did and said everything I'd needed her to do. Even when we didn't know at the time that I would need to fall back on those things later on. With the exception of perhaps making me see a therapist sooner, I can't think of anything that I wish she should've/would've/could've done. She's always been exactly the kind of mom that I've needed, and I'm grateful. God is good.

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