Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"Do you have good intuition?"

This afternoon, I had an interview with someone from my school's honors college. Lately they've been doing profiles on honors students for their website, and I was asked to be one of them. My interviewer/photographer was a nice young man named Nick. He  looked me in the eye when he posed his questions, and he listened intently as I responded to each one. At one point after I'd answered a certain question, he was about to move on to the next one on his list when out of the blue he inquired:

Nick: I'm sorry. This might sound strange, but, would you say that you have good intuition?
Me: ...Uh, I guess. Sure, I'd like to think so.
Nick: Yeah, you seem like you have good intuition.

And then we moved on to the rest of the interview. On the one hand I appreciated the compliment, but on the other hand, I was sitting there thinking Huh. That's kind of weird. Is this guy psychic? Can he read vibes or something? Do I have "good intuition" written on my forehead? Does he happen to be on a mission to find people with good intuition today?

I'd never met Nick before this afternoon, so since then I've been wondering why he would randomly say something like that. Maybe I should've asked him. Eh well. It's a strange compliment that I will gladly accept.

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