Friday, February 21, 2014

Sessions with Sue 9

I couldn't come up with a theme that would characterize our conversation today because we talked about a range of things. It was mostly just me updating her on concerns and problems that I'd had last week. At the end she recognized that I've been working hard, and said that I've been making some good progress. That was encouraging  because even though I know I've changed since our first meeting, sometimes I think of how far I still have left to go and I feel like I'm just the same as ever. So it was good to receive affirmation that I'm not the same as I once was, and I am headed in the right direction. Baby steps.
  • Coming into yourself as a performer; being able to put on that cloak of understanding that it's not about you, it's about giving something (of yourself) to your audience.
  • Being nice to yourself doesn't mean that you'll become a slacker.
  • Transitions have never been easy for you, and the anticipation of them also tends to be stressful.
  • Because of the model your dad set for how people operate, it's hard for you to put yourself out there with a friend, and you're sensitive about how they respond.
  • There are people out there (including men/a man) whom you won't have to change a thing for; they'll be able to love all of you just as is.
  • ASSIGNMENT(S) for next time: 1) Write 2 letters to Dad. One about all the negative things you wish you could say to him. And another about the things you're grateful for and pleased with in your relationship with him. 2) Bring songs that you've written about him or that have been inspired by your relationship.

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