Saturday, February 15, 2014

On Repeat: Busy Doing Nothing

This whole thing makes me so happy! I've been a fan of Crystal Kay since freshman year of high school, and I've followed her career as she endured numerous ups and downs. From debuting in 1999 at age 13, to being one of Japan's most popular and successful artists from 2002-2007, to experiencing a decline in popularity and releasing albums that flopped commercially, to cancelling a national tour and switching from Sony to Universal, to going quiet for a year,  to releasing one last Japanese album before taking up second residence in New York in 2013 (2012?) to build a career and basically start over in the US market, to appearing in an American artist's music video and going to the Grammys.... To this! As a fan, I am so incredibly proud of her! "Busy Doing Nothing" is fun, the lyrics have some substance, and it still has that  Crystal Kay-esque sound that fans of her Japanese music like myself have come to know and love. Plus, she looks amazing like always! The styling! Those ABS. Those curls!

Obviously this song and music video are only a small start to what I hope will be bigger things and greater recognition. I guess the reason why I'm so happy right now is that Crystal Kay is once again embodying the idea of having no limits and transcending categories. As a half-African American half-Korean woman, born and raised in Japan, and having a long career as a Japanese artist singing in Japanese and English, she just.... can't be boxed in. And now she's following her dreams of debuting in the US, showing folks that she has the potential to make it anywhere. Anywhere. Thinking about everything she's been through, everything she's done, and everything she represents for so many people.... I can't help but be elated! She really is an inspiring human being.

Visit Crystal's US links here and here. Here Japanese ones are here and here.

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