Sunday, March 2, 2014

SB in SF!: We're here!

After hours of traveling, Ma and I have finally made it to our Spring Break destination.... San Francisco!

This trip means a lot to us because it's our first time going on vacation together ever. It's also my first time in California. So hopefully this week turns out to be full of new things, bonding, and good times!

Originally, the plan was to go to this well-reviewed soul food restaurant after we'd checked in to our hotel. Before we left Michigan I asked Ma about making a reservation, but she didn't really want to do it. We'd just go there and see, and if it was too crowded we'd go somewhere else. So we arrive in San Francisco, drop our stuff off at our home for the week, walk the 1/2 mile to this soul food restaurant, and what do you know. A restaurant. In the city. On a Saturday night. Packed. 2 hour wait. Who knew? Wasn't happening. I wasted no time saying, "I told you so" as we left.

So we walked back and decided to eat at the Italian restaurant attached to the hotel. And despite my preconceptions when Ma first mentioned "hotel restaurant", this place called Scala's Bistro is actually a very fine place with delicious food. A little pricey, but nothing that's going to put you in debt as long as you pay attention to the numbers. And the atmosphere of the place may seem a little stuffy at first, but the staff is actually very kind and everyone's just there to relax and enjoy good food and conversation.

I have to admit though, after having walked around a bit, seeing how cool and fun and well-put together people seem to be, and sitting in this really nice restaurant... I felt a bit anxious and out of place. For some reason I feel insecure about being here. Ma tried to reassure me,

"We're just two people out of thousands here. Ain't nobody looking at or thinking about us. You always go somewhere and act scared like people already know you and everything about you, and that's not the case. So chill."

Tonight that's what I'll do. Take a breath, get some rest, remember that this supposed to be fun, and that everything's going to be okay. Tomorrow's a new day, and we're going to enjoy it!

SB in SF! photos

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