Saturday, March 22, 2014

Things People Give Me #10

We had a test in my Japanese class on Thursday, and before the test started our sensei passed around a plastic bag full of cellphone charms (or 携帯ストラップ/keitai straps, in Japanese). She said we could each take one, none,  or however many we liked. Each charm had a tiny dragon figurine with a bell attached to it, hanging from a tiny lanyard.  They were left over souvenirs from Japan that she'd bought last year (which was the year of the Dragon).
I know that she was just trying to get rid of them,  but nonetheless I really appreciated receiving my charm. The one I chose has 開運 (kaiun, opening/renewing of luck) carved on the side of the dragon, and.... Well forgive me for getting to deep or sentimental, but I've been feeling low for the past few weeks, and looking at those characters helps me remember that there is always hope. I've put it in my box of small, special things and I will try my best not to misplace it.
えんど先生、この携帯ストラップをありがとうございました。Thank you, Endo-sensei!

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