Friday, March 7, 2014

What I've Given Up for Lent

For some reason Baptists, or most of the Baptists I know, don't practice or observe Lent like other Christians do (maybe because it's more of a Catholic tradition?). So it was never something I really had to think about, other than when people would mention "I can't do/eat _______ because I gave it up for Lent" during conversations. But yesterday (Wednesday) I realized that Lent started, and I decided to not look at Intagram for the next 40 days.

I don't post much on it, so that's not the problem. And it can be used to see and share beautiful, creative, and inspiring things. But too often I'll sit and waste time scrolling through it, thinking how much more beautiful and capable and talented and just "better" other people and their lives seem to be than me and mine. It's a waste of time and enables me to make unhealthy comparisons and put myself down. That's not good at all. So no more Instagram for me until April 19th.

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