Monday, June 9, 2014

Day Off at the Canal

Didn't do much today. Today was another public holiday (Pentecost Monday), which meant I didn't have to go to work! Praise God for three-day weekends!

During the afternoon I met up with H again to visit la Place de la République and walk along le canal Saint-Martin. The area around the canal isn't exactly spotless, and the water in the canal is a murky green. But there's so much else there that makes up for that. There's a ton of really tall trees, graffiti and street art on the surrounding buildings, multiple bridges you can climb up to get some great views, and people just sitting along the water hanging out. A boat even passed through while we were there! The canal is a little dirty and run-down, yet peaceful and slightly romantic all at once. We both loved it. So if you'd like to visit a part of Paris that's alive and picturesque but not too well-known, le canal Saint-Martin is it.

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