Friday, June 6, 2014

Happa Teï + Rue Sainte-Anne

My mom shouldn't read this. Especially not if she remembers this...

Today marked the end of the first week of my internship, and I figured what better way to celebrate than going somewhere new and eating some bomb food?

So after work I headed to Rue Sainte-Anne, which isn't too far from the famous Opéra. As you know I went to Chinatown a couple weeks ago, and after doing some research I found out there's a sort of "Little Japan" in Paris too. That would be Rue Sainte-Anne and its surrounding streets. This is where you go to eat what's purportedly the best Japanese food in Paris. But there you'll also find other cuisines (Korean, Chinese, Cambodian, Vietnamese), along with bubble tea shops, Japanese and Korean grocery stores, and at least one karaoke joint. My destination this evening was a restaurant called Happa Teï, known for its Osaka-style menu and specialties: takoyaki and okonomiyaki!

 The friends that I invited weren't able to go with me, so I went by myself. Take-out and the kitchen are on the first floor (you can actually see the chefs frying takoyaki through the front window!). The actual restaurant, a cozy space, is on the second floor. I ordered three pieces of takoyaki and one serving of okonomiyaki in their standard versions, with a glass of Calpis to drink. It was all just too scrumptious for words! Of course nothing beats the real thing in the real location, but Happa Teï gets pretty close! It took me back to being in Japan last year, for real. Also, the staff is friendly, the service is fast, and the decor (think red) is lively. I definitely approve!

From Happa Teï I walked up and down Rue Sainte-Anne to see what else the neighborhood offers, popping into a shop here and there. Most of the establishments are food-based, though, and since I was full and didn't feel like spending any more money, I didn't buy anything. After getting a good first look at places that I can check out later on, I headed "home".

Props to me for taking myself out to dinner, and props to Happa Teï for the food and nostalgia!

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