Tuesday, June 3, 2014

"Do you understand everything?"

My French co-workers seem to know more about American music than me, and that's totally fine. It amuses and intrigues me to see how great their interest is.

One in particular (let's call her A) is very interested in learning English. She often asks me to teach her how to say something, or she'll try out a phrase and ask me if it's correct. Today A asked me to say something and when I was done she said excitedly, "I just love to hear people peak English like that. It's like the coolest thing. You know that song 'Top on Love' [Beyonce's 'Love on Top']? When you listen to it, do you understand everything she says? Really? Like everything? Wow, I can't imagine. Do its lyrics have a lot of meaning? Often when I listen to an American song I'll find the music really moving, but I don't understand all the words so I wonder if the lyrics are meaningful or not?"

While listening to her I just wanted to laugh because that's exactly how I feel when hearing French people speak or listening to French-language music.

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