Friday, September 5, 2014

On Repeat: "Tokyo City Underground"

I was distracted watching Japanese music countdown videos this afternoon and look what I came across! It's a song called "Tokyo City Underground" by a band named Passepied, and it's pure. magic. The pace changes, the high-energy, the jazz undertones, the sophisticated musicality... it's almost out of this world how special this song is. The high-pitched singing (yes, that is her real voice) started to grate my ears when I first heard it, but now after a few listens I just find it charming. Passepied's style is very similar to that of Soutaiseiriron), another Japanese pop/rock band known for its high-pitched vocalist, mysterious persona, clean production, instrumental layers, experimental sound, and often anime-worthy tunes. However, what makes Passepied different is that they're a little more daring and willing to be seen. Plus the animation in this video is pretty cool. Check out "Tokyo City Underground" below!

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