Friday, September 19, 2014

Outings: Old Town Diner and Red Cedar Cafe

Old Town Diner - Lansing (19 September)
  • Lunch stop in between leaving my internship and going to the shelter.
  • Already had to park at one end of the street and walk farther than usual to get to work due to BluesFest preparations
  • Then my smart behind decided to walk in the opposite direction toward the other and of the street, passing a nearby Mexican restaurant along the way because I thought this diner would be cheaper;  I was mistaken
  • Mom n Pop; only open until 2:30pm daily; two waitresses for the entire joint; you get what you order and they don't waste no time
  • Unapologetically old school; outdated decor and furniture;  tunes that I could live without (I just can't get with country music); BUT friendly service and plenty of Lansing/Spartan spirit 
  • Veggie omelet with cheddar + hashbrowns + big ole block of wheat toast with mixed berry jelly + big ole glass of water; all for $7-something; nothing fancy or special, but not bad at all
  • Didn't think I was going to eat it all, but I guess I was more famished than I'd thought
  • Best slice of toast I've had in my life!  I don't know where they got that bread from or what's in it, but it was wonderful
  • All in all it was alright; probably won't be coming back to this place though; I'll try the Mexican place next time

Red Cedar Cafe - East Lansing (19 September)
  • Another cafe I hadn't been to yet; straight from the shelter trying to get some studying in before closing 
  • Hardly any customers here though, and zero students other than myself; the place is kinda tucked away and their goods are overpriced, so maybe that has something to do with it
  • So much to choose from! And nice staff
  • And the award for longest wifi password ever goes to.... this place!
  • Chicken Gyro + baked chips + Superfruit smoothie; was decent but not decent enough to merit the $11-something I paid for it
  • Clever sign warning parents to keep an eye on their kids
  • Sweets so tempting! Well-made and delicious-looking desserts just staring back at me; I could faintly hear them calling my name BUT! I didn't give in 
  • Not exactly disappointed, but again another place that I probably won't come back to

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