Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Things People Give Me #13

Below is an email that I received today from my mom's longtime friend Ms. Yvette, aka my kinda-but-not-really aunt. We were supposed to catch up and talk about my experiences in Paris during Labor Day weekend, but we weren't able to get together during that time. So she sent me this instead.

[subject: Hello from Detroit!]
Hello Ms Senior!  How’s it going?  Hate I missed you Labor Day weekend.  You know I have much to ask you about your adventures in Paris.  I was reading your blog when you were there, so I know pretty much how it went.  I could tell you didn’t like your job or your boss!  But I was so proud to read that you had a great work ethic.  Don’t let anyone tell you that you are too serious or work too hard.  That’s a compliment if you ask me.  So keep being serious and have integrity in everything you do.  I know you got these excellent traits from your MOTHER!

I was so worried when I read you were going to England to visit your friend.  I emailed Miriam and she told me how you text her when you left, when you got there and when you came back!  I told Miriam “ you raised Danielle right”!  I’m so glad you were in constant contact with your Mom when you were travelling.  That is a sign of maturity!

I was also worried when you met that African guy.  I met a few African guys when I was in Iraq.  After they get to know you, they start asking for things.  One had the audacity to ask me to “buy” him an Ipad.  But after I thought about it, I said to myself, “it's no way Danielle will let anyone swindle her out of any money, not the way she hates to spend money!  And I had to laugh!

Hope this year will be all that you hope it will be.  I know  you are still contemplating what you want to do after school, but knowing you, you will find your way Danielle.  You’ve got nerves of steel!  I would have never done half the things you have accomplished in your “young” life.  So be proud of all you have done!  And “KEEP DOING”  I’m expecting great things from you!

Take care and God bless!

Ms Yvette

PS Send me your address so I can drop a few dollars to you.  I know you are probably sitting on a fortune!   And I love that about you!  Keep being frugal and don’t get any credit cards!

Still got an opinion on everything, still got that sense of humor! It's nice to know that you haven't changed. Thanks for thinking of me, Ms. Yvette!

And to anyone reading this, I highly recommend that you give a big hug or send a big "Thank you" to the folks in your life who encourage you whether you ask for it/believe it/remember it or not. Encouragement is hard to come by these days, so folks like these are golden!

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