Friday, September 5, 2014

Outings: Grand River Coffee Cafe

Grand River Coffee Cafe - East Lansing (5 September)
  • Had plans this evening;  came here to pass the time between my appointment with Sue and said plans
  • Couches, comfy chairs, a fireplace, an indoor watefall; makes you feel like you're in someone's study or living room 
  • Veggie "panino" + carrots + steamer w/ skim milk and honey
  • Was supposed to get a bunch of reading done, but kept getting distracted with Japanese music countdown videos; trying to get back into J-music and see what artists over there have been creating this year
  • Only managed to get through one reading for one class
  • Was about to leave but just as I'd finished packing up my stuff, a storm hit
  • Waited for the storm to ebb before going back to campus; my evening plans fell through but that's cool because by then I didn't feel like venturing out again anyway

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