Thursday, September 4, 2014

Outings: Spartan Remix and Tutti Frutti

Spartan Remix 2014 - The Rock (4 September)
  • Annual multicultural/welcome-back event; I've gone every year
  • "Infinite Harmonies"; whoever came up with this theme deserves a hug and a high-five!
  • Was finishing a French capstone project... didn't get there until the last hour
  • Sun was setting, some student orgs were already packing up
  • Performance stage on one end; pretty groovy band (Desmond Jones) playing in the grass on the other end
  • Tons of people showed up! Yay for all the people I know who helped organize this event!
  • Tried looking for friends who I knew would be there but only managed to find three
  • Wasn't much going on so I left; 30-ish minutes counts as attending an event, right?

Tutti Frutti - East Lansing (4 September)
  • Walked from Spartan Remix to a nearby meeting; was in near Ivy's on-campus apartment building so I gave her a ring
  • Met up with Ivy and she gave me a tour of her apartment building, showed me her apartment, introduced me to her super cool roommates
  • Wasabi Triscuits!
  • Sweet-bitter whiffs of high quality maccha that Ivy brought from Uji last year; Ahh the Japan nostalgia!
  • Ivy and Dia were heading out for frozen yogurt with Dia's boyfriend Pedro; they invited me to come along
  • Rode in Pedro's car to Tutti Frutti, one of many places in EL that I still hadn't visited
  • Kept it simple this time around: Green tea yogurt + blueberries + Heath bits
  • Had just enough time to make our selections, enjoy our treats, chat it up, and snap a picture before the place closed
  • They dropped me off and told me to visit again anytime; how great it is to have friends in the neighborhood!

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