Thursday, September 18, 2014

To all college grads

I just want to take a moment to give props to anyone who has ever been able to graduate from college.

I've regretted coming to school and contemplated leaving so many times even since sophomore year, and this year is making it still more difficult to take  pride, satisfaction, or pleasure in being a college student. The fact is that no one really explains to you just how soul-sucking senior year will be. It is only the fourth week of of class and the second full week, but already I and fellow fourth-year graduating seniors that I know are starting to feel the weight and consequences of this reality.

This afternoon after a seminar I was talking with two of my classmates and one of them revealed that the various obligations and pressures that she's dealing with in her daily life are causing her to not act or feel like herself. "It's to the point where I don't know who I am anymore," she said. And I feel that. I feel that so hard.

This post is not meant to fish for "You can do it", "You'll find your way", "You'll figure it out", "Everything's going to work out and be alright", or any similar oft-repeated attempts at encouragement that are directed at  graduating seniors. Those are about as useful as the "So what are you going to do after you graduate?" question, and frankly I'm tired of saying and hearing all of it. As I said starting off, I just want to acknowledge all those who have somehow managed to survive college and come out on the other side with their respective degree, a modicum of sanity, and their sense of self.

It's not easy to be pushed and pulled and twisted and stretched and squeezed through a hole like that and not lose your mind or yourself, on top of your money. I hope it has served you well, as I also hope that it will end up serving me and my fellows well. Kudos and blessings to you all.

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