Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Blogs by Beautiful Friends

Just a couple online verbal works of art in the making created by two of my friends...

Zesty. (http://ncmakoni.wordpress.com/)
"An African girl learning to live life."

My friend Nyasha started this blog back in February. It's more of a personal blog like mine is, but her writing is much more reflective and melodic. Transparent. Poetic. I read her stuff and feel like someone's sitting me down and telling me a story. I only wish she would write and share her magic with us more often!

Love Letters and Musings on Our Bodies (http://dearbodyproject.wordpress.com/)
"Do You Love You?"

My friend Dany started this blog just recently at the beginning of this month. In the interest of advancing self-love and helping people unlearn self-hate and disordered relationships with their bodies, Dany (aka Isabelle Happyfeet) invites anyone willing to write a love letter to their bodies. She gives more detailed backstory and instructions in her "About" section, but basically what she's got going here is a courageous and brilliant safe space. She's already got some letters up there, starting with her own. If you're interested in having your letter published on the blog, email it to  thebodyloveletters@gmail.com.

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