Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Outings: Pablo's Panaderia

Pablo's Panaderia - Old Town Lansing (8 October)
  • Stayed at work an extra 2 1/2 hours to make up time that I missed (would this be what you call "working a double"? does that apply even if you're an unpaid intern?)
  • During lunchtime, popped around the corner to this Mexican restaurant I've been wanting to try since my last just-okay Old Town dining experience
  • Authentic Mexican fare; best or second-best Mexican food in town, depending on who you ask
  • Got a feeling that this might be a family-owned restaurant; the owner and the lady waiting tables/running the register were pleasant; didn't really see anyone else because they were in the back
  • "Preuss especial" Torta 
  • Ordered to-go, but was able to sit and get a feel for the place for a few minutes while I waited
  • Not too many people despite it being around noon; no lunch rush here? Too early?
  • Went back to the office and ate at my desk; inhaled it! Not sure if that was because it was that good or because I was starving, but either way no complaints!
  • Would definitely go back to try something else another time

*UPDATE 9 October *
  • Woke up with a headache and ended up skipping breakfast to get to work on time, so I went back to Pablo's as soon as it opened
  • Breafast Torta (potato, egg, cheese) with salsa on the side = PERFECTION!
  • The owner rang me up this time and he was very friendly and talkative; the type of person who likes to chat you up and ask you questions about yourself; someone who likes to be familiar with his customers
  • No more Tortas for me for at least the next week; two in two days is enough! Next time I go I'll be a little adventurous choose something else

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