Saturday, October 4, 2014

Outings: A Night of Poetry

A Night of Poetry @ MSU Union - East Lansing (3 October)
  • Slam poetry event featuring MSU prof Joseph Harris (aka "LOGIC"), Detroit's own blunt, witty, smooth-voiced T. Miller, and the phenomenal, blackgirlmagic, cupcake-obsessed Ebony Stewart from Texas. All of them dope. And super nice!
  •  Also an open mic segment for students to come up and share their wordsweaponswisdomwounds, what have you
  • Themes:  history; the struggles of black folk; black identity and empowerment; the plague of numbness and passionless beings in society; cultural appropiation/gentrification/whitewashing; QWOC; death and mourning; consumerism and social media destroying social interactions, moments/memories, and sense of self;  revolution; directionlessness and financial security; (black) female empowerment; sexual health; body positivity; and the most popular of the night: bitter poems about break-ups/exes/relationship jealousy
  • Q & A
  • Didn't think to take pictures until after LOGIC had already performed, which is why I only took pics of T. Miller and Ebony. But I was feeling them the most anyway, so it's cool
  • Came in associating slam poetry = seriousness, tragedy, vehemence, attitude, eloquence, and anger; all of which showed up but I hadn't expected these poets to be so funny! They had serious jokes!
  • Hugs from both Ebony Stewart and T. Miller + signed book from Ebony + advice from Ebony about developing the confidence to share my work and be on stage
  • Ran into a friend and her friend at the event who are also writers; we all walked "home" together raving about the event and our common lack of any dating or relationship experience
  • Laughing and talking loudly in the rain and the dark; it was divine!  
  • Feeling so inspired now! Thanks to all the poets who performed for sharing their light and magic and wonder and love. Also, good running into friends/acquaintances that I haven't seen in a while
  • All around just a great night that I really needed. Sweet Dreams, everybody!

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