Thursday, October 16, 2014

On Repeat: "Every Moment"

I've been really down lately, and while I was at work this morning I remembered this song. It's called "Every Moment" by forever JONES, and it's certainly not new. But it's one of my favorite gospel songs because it conveys vulnerability, sadness, and hopeful reliance on God so delicately. Its production and musical style are also not what you'd typically hear from a black gospel group. I especially love this song for the analogy it makes about God as a bird; an ever-present, covering force that's not only watching over us, but is right here beside us. He floats in the air, as breath and life itself. My favorite lines are especially:

You're in the midst of chaos, hiding me beneath your feathers
You will keep my heart from failing
He will stretch his wings to cover you when troubled times appear
Giving courage to the fearful heart, forever standing near

I've been playing this song over and over literally all day, mouthing the words to myself. At work, on the bus to and from class, as I write this post. Even when I wasn't actually listening to it, I was hearing it in my head. All the while tearing up but trying no to let the tears fall, desperately wanting to believe that the assurances in this song truly apply to me too. I'm ashamed to say that I'm still too blue right now to be fully convinced. But I'll keep listening to it over and over tomorrow, the day after, and however long it takes for me to be certain that I haven't been forgotten. And I hope that this song blesses you and enables you sit for a quiet moment and contemplate the presence of God in your life.

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