Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Current Food Obsessions!

I've noticed that I'm eating certain foods a lot lately, and I want to share them with you.


If foods were significant others, then these would be my long-term boyfriend since highschool. I eat one or at least carry one around with me everyday. When I discover a food that I really like I tend to eat it so often within a certain amount of time that I get sick of it and hardly eat it again (RIP raisins, yogurt, juice). But after almost six years I have yet to get tired of oranges.

oatmeal + hard-boiled egg

All of my classes go through lunchtime. And due to the significant amount of hours there are between when I eat breakfast and when I get out of class, I've taken to eating oatmeal at work everyday just to give me a boost so I won't go too long without eating. Oatmeal was always a food that I ate casually, but now that I'm eating it everyday and trying so many different flavors (Quaker's "Flavor Variety" and "Fruit and Cream" packs), I'm hooked! Now addition to oranges I've started carrying an extra packet of oatmeal around with me too, just in case! I'm also interested in learning about all the fun and different ways you can dress oatmeal up.

rice milk
Milk Alternatives

I already wrote about soy milk (Silk) a few weeks ago. But in the time that's passed I've also happened upon  almond milk (Silk) and rice milk (Rice Dream). What's funny is that I haven't even been looking for dairy alternatives. I don't have any digestive or ethical issues that would call for it. I've only become acquainted with them recently due to curiosity and happenstance, and now I'm just so fascinated by the variety of "milks" that are out there! When I see one I want to try it!

What are your current food obsessions?

*UPDATE 10/29* Wow, what a coincidence that oatmeal was on my mind yesterday, and today I find out that October 29th is National Oatmeal Day? I didn't even know that was a thing. Happy #nationaloatmealday everyone!

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