Saturday, October 4, 2014

Session with Sue 19

Today I was expecting that we'd talk about last week's fiasco with my dad, seeing as how it was a big deal and I'd printed out all the messages to show Sue and such. But that was last week. The conversation was over last Wednesday and after Dad finally stopped calling me and sending me messages this Monday, I haven't really been thinking about it. What happened happened, I was upset about how it blew up in my face at first, we're currently not speaking, and it is how it is for now. I actually appreciate the quiet and am uncharacteristically unbothered right now. So though we started with this topic, we didn't stay on it for long. We mostly talked about me figuring out my future (again).
  • Again, need to get more sleep!
  • It's pretty toxic to talk to someone who reacts the way your dad did. We've been doing so much work and you don't need any of that toxicity tainting that little plant of progress that you're trying to continue to grow. So maybe put all that to the side for now.
  • It's not altogether discouraging that you're not thrilled or enthusiastic about any present or future prospects right now; considering what you've been dealing with the past couple of weeks.
  • You've noticed a thing about yourself that when things don't go according to the plan you've set for yourself, you feel like everything's now messed up. But everything's not messed up. Just have to work with/around these unexpected happening and make adjustments to the plan. Or even be open to a new one.
  • You know more about where you want to go in life than you give yourself credit for . May not know exactly what you'll do, but you do know what type of setting you want to be in, what geographical locations interest you, what kind of lifestyle you want.... and that's something great to build off of

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