Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Our country has failed my people again. Another one of our beautiful lives was taken and no one has to answer for it. But then again, what do you expect from a nation that refuses to even consider the notion that it belongs to the non-white-skinned people who've been making it and remaking it all along?

Times like these make me think about that scene in The Secret Life of Bees where the kindhearted sister May, overburdened with the weight of hate and disappointment and anti-black injustice in the world, just can't take it anymore. She lays herself down in a river, takes a huge rock, places it on her chest, and drowns herself.

Now of course I have no intention of killing myself over this redwhiteandblue BS, but I understand the sentiment. Just being tired of seeing the same things happen again and again, tired of life being taken and truth being buried, tired of constantly being reaffirmed that people who look like you don't matter, tired of others not getting it, tired of your country failing you and proving you right about how little it cares over and over and over.

Meanwhile so many white folks are out here like "You see? The law is the law and the law is right and a decision was made, so just move on and get over it. It's time to stop harping on the past and causing all these divisions, so we can move forward with the healing process."

SCURRRRT. Slow your roll and stop the presses.


Since when are "we" in this together? Are your people being killed off like my people are?

What could you possibly have to heal from in this situation?

You want to move forward with us while denying our grievances and our testimonies? How does that work?

And why would I want to unite or stand in solidarity with someone who consistently denies my right to grieve and be angry?

"Get over it" and "move on"? Do you have any idea how harmful it is to say things like that?

People have a right to their hurt. People have a right to their rage. What people don't have a right to is destroying human life,  something your members of the blue beast are so apt at doing, systematically and unapologetically and without reason, and not taking responsibility for it.

Get out of my face with all that "move on" BS.

Peace and Power to Mike Brown and every other person of color who has been killed or brutalized by this cruel and unjust state. May we all see justice before the day that the sun rises no more. 

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