Thursday, November 6, 2014

First Successful Twist-Out EVER!

On Monday I did my first successful twist-out ever! I was so surprised and excited. I've done bantu knots before, and I've tried this style quite a few times, but this is the first time that it worked. The twist-out is pretty basic as far as natural hairstyles go, and perhaps I'm late in the game just now getting it after over 4 years natural. But hey! Everyone's crown is different, and better late than never. I enjoyed the process so much that I'm sharing my methods and results with you.

On Thursday night I washed and detangled my. After making a headband of one long two-strand twist I parted my hair in the middle and then parted those two halves in half, creating four sections. I then twisted each section with 3 twists in the outer ones, and 6-8 in the inner ones. In case you're curious, when I twist I take a chunk, work some Herbal Essences Naked Moisture Conditioner through it, comb through it, then twist. I seal with EcoStyler Olive Oil gel. Repeat until finished.

Once finished I loosely "pineappled" the twists into two ponytails (one for the top/center of my head and another for the center/back). Then I tied a scarf around my headband and my nape, and covered everything with my satin bonnet. This is how I secured my hair every night from Thursday to Sunday. In the mornings I would untie the scarf, take out the ponytails, shake my hair a little, and then tie my hair up again with a turban. I wore the turban every day from Friday to Monday.

Monday evening was time for the big reveal. I took off my turban and undid each twist one by one and divided the strands, with some Taliah Waajid Protective Mist Bodifer in my hands to soften as I went. And... tah-dah!

After squealing, staring in awe, playing with my hair and snapping pics for a few minutes, I pineappled all of it in six sections and used rollers to maintain some bend in the ends...  

...And when I undid everything on Tuesday morning, this is what I got! Voila! 

I loved this new look, but it felt so different to me and it got a little frizzy when I wore it out all day Tuesday. Plus when I woke up in the morning Wednesday it didn't look as good because I'd put the rollers in too tight the night before. And the ends were looking a little scraggly from the beginning because someone's in need of a trim. So Wednesday morning I put all the hair into a pony/bun and reverted to my go-to look, albeit with hair softer and smoother than usual.

   I'm definitely going to do this whole process again for next week. Before this I wore a puff that wreaked havoc on my ends, I had knots galore like never before, so I can't do that again. This twist-out thing will be a nice alternative and good practice for me, even if I only end up wearing it out for a day or two. Mission accomplished! I tried something new and it worked! 

Also, many thanks and blessings to Taliah Waajid and Herbal Essences for making these two bomb products! They smell wonderful and leave my hair feeling clean and soft. Whoever's responsible for developing these particular magic potions deserves a hug, a slice of cake, and a bonus! All of the products that I've mentioned in this post were purchased either at Meijer or a local beauty supply store, so if you want them you should have no trouble finding them.
I hope this has been as fun for you to read as it was for me to do. Happy experimenting!

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