Saturday, November 1, 2014

Wait Your Turn!

Today's lesson is: Wait your turn!

Was in the self-checkout section in Meijer ringing up my stuff and some white girl runs up on me with money and some item in her hands talking about, "Hey, if you ring this up, can I pay you for it?"....Excuse you? The heck I look like, a peasant? Do I look money-hungry because I'm black and have a turban on? I don't need your measily and impatient dollar bills, boo! Or do I just seem like a nice person who would do it for you if you asked?

Look, I get that no one likes lines and everyone has places to be, but why should you not have to wait your turn like everyone else? You're in a grocery store in the middle of a Saturday afternoon. If you don't feel like waiting, pick another day or time! Don't insult people with your money. Most importantly, learn to wait your turn!

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