Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sessions with Sue 25

To be honest this session was kind of boring. We talked about some pretty banal things, and the whole time I wanted to move the conversation along to something more interesting but I couldn't think of anything. I had this nagging feeling that I had something more meaningful and pressing that needed to be addressed, but I couldn't put my finger on what it was and thus couldn't express it, so I just settled for the convo that transpired. Today's sessions was one of those that I have to walk away from reminding myself that at least I have someone to talk to and I got some more practice voicing my thoughts and feelings, instead of being frustrated about how little I think was achieved. A few points:

  • Kinda weird/sad, but i almost enjoy being sick because it forces me to take it easy; the only time where I feel like I have an excuse not to do too much or push myself as hard
  • Friend who graduated a year early this May just got her first "real job" after 5 months of being (presumably) unemployed. Maybe ask her how she did it and what it's like on the other side?
  • The idea of "networking" seems disingenuous to you; don't want to be a user
    • But people feel good when you approach them as if they have knowledge or information that you want; it's actually like a compliment/gift you're giving to them; After all, people like to talk about themselves!
    • And one day you'll pay it forward when someone approaches you in the same way.

Also, next Wednesday (Nov. 26th) makes one year that I've been going to see Sue. But since I won't be meeting her again until the first week of December, before leaving tonight I gave her a "Thank You" card that I'd written. Listening to me, giving me advice, and encouraging me is her job, but I appreciate her for it nonetheless.

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