Friday, November 7, 2014

Sessions with Sue 23

Today we talked about what a terribly stressful and miserable semester I'm having, as well as my uncertainty in regard to the future. So basically nothing new. But we did broach the subject of time, which is a very unhealthy fixation of mine. Here are the few notes that I wrote:

  • Your obsession with timelosing it, (mis)managing it, not wasting it, never having enough of it, accomplishing as much as you should, not missing outwhere did this come from?
  •  Living a straight, strict, and narrow life to compensate for what you felt lacking and to make you feel better than others
    • Now you're sad because after all these years not only did it not get you what you wanted, but you've also stifled and pigeonholed yourself
  • Potential placement in Japan; years-long dream of moving abroad vs. facing the reality of it as it approaches; understandable apprehensions; it's going to be risky no matter where you go or how/with what job you get there
  • You're a very singularly-focused person. It's not that you can't do and accomplish multiple things at onece. But when you focus on something you feel like you have to put everything into it and can't deviate form it, thus it's hard for you to spread that energy, effort, and time over to other things that might be just as worthwhile
  • Try your best to be kind to yourself this weekend.

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