Monday, November 3, 2014

Sessions with Sue 22

Below are the notes from last Friday's session (October 31st). We continued to discuss the funk that I've been in, in addition to touching on recent disagreements with my mom, self-forgiveness, and forgoing so-called "important" celebrations:
  • A continued dark and difficult time; thoughts that aren't helping you and are keeping you down, stuck; How do we unstick you?
  • Being disappointed and frustrated in learning more about your mom and how she thinks; recognizing that two awesome people can and will have different paths, that what works for her won't necessarily work for you
  • You have a hard time with not forgiving yourself for things not going the way you planned or wanted; for not transforming or becoming the person you hoped you'd be
  • Not wanting to walk/attend graduation; might do you well to risk disappointing your mom in making such a decision for yourself
  • Not wanting to celebrate your birthday this year, feeling old and unaccomplished. But birthdays aren't about what great things people have or haven't done. They're about celebrating you being born and the value you have by virtue of simply being on Earth.

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