Monday, March 4, 2013

Arizona Day 1 (Sunday)

By the time we arrived from the airport and everyone went to bed this morning, it was around 2am. I stayed up for another hour or so because I didn't feel like going to bed. So I didn't end up falling asleep until 3:30am, and Dad woke me up at 6:48am for church later that morning. Surprisingly I wasn't tired. I was alert all through service and everything. But once we came back to the house and ate? Pssh, it was over. That jet lag hit me hard and I napped for 5 hours, y'all. Overall an uneventful but restful day.

PS- I have a Samsung camera but Intelli-studio crashed today, so I guess I'll be using Google Picasa 3 to import photos from now on. I have no complaints so far.

Lemon tree in the backyard. There's citrus everywhere here.

Bear, one of my stepmom's dogs

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