Monday, March 4, 2013

Arizona Day 2 (Monday)

Inside of Freestone
Today was another slow day, but it was productive. I'll be maintaining my yoga/exercise practice at the house and at Freestone Recreational Center this week. At 8:30am I went there with my stepmom for my first pilates class ever, and it was really fun!

Then we went to the grocery store to get some food for me and for the house in general. I'm the only vegetarian in the house. Based on our prior conversations about my eating habits, I thought my stepmom would be cooking as long as I told her what I wanted to eat. At least that's how it happened when I was here three years ago. But while we were at the store, she made it clear that I was to cook my own food this time around. Which is fair. I was just surprised because I hadn't intended on cooking today (or this week at all, frankly). But I did! I made eggplant parmesan, and I must say that I've still got it! I might not cook often, but when I do it's almost always good!

Coco, my stepmom's other dog. "Get off my lawn!"

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