Friday, March 29, 2013

Field Trip to Ann Arbor!

Yesterday, I went with my Korean history class to UofM. And yes, we went in a bus with a big green "S" on it!

I got to see a lovely and talented photographer friend of mine from highschool.

And I ate Korean BBQ for this first time at this wonderful restaurant. Everything was delicious, and I ate so much that my back hurt (apparently with me that's a thing).

A short, surprisingly fun break from school and campus that I really needed. I have to admit, I can't stand UofM, but I kinda love Ann Arbor. It's a college town and a real city at the same time. And from the architecture to the shops to the bustle, you can feel that this has always been a place where things are happening. But I'll take my green and white school near our desolate state capital anyday.

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