Wednesday, March 13, 2013

He's probably just friendly, right?

There's this guy who only works at the vegetarian/vegan station in my dorm's cafeteria. At least that's the only place I ever see him. Since I go to that station everyday, and he works there every now and then, our paths cross every two weeks or so. And everytime I go there to get some food, he tries to talk to me.

Each successive time, he's tried to extend the converstation more. The first time, he kept looking me straight in the eyes, like he was making eye contact with me on purpose. The second time, he asked me why I looked so sad (apparently my blank face looks like a sad face to others) and told me to smile. The third time, two days ago, he asked how my break went ("fine", I lied), asked if I went home ("yeah", lied again), some more banter blahblahblah, and told me to have a great week.

It's surprising and a little awkward. He's a nice guy, so him talking to me doesn't bother me. But guys never talk to me, and it's definitely not the ideal place or time to try to have conversation when he's supposed to be working and there are other people waiting in line behind me. I told Ma about it and the first thing she said was, "Well is he cute?" The last thing she said about it was, "Well, maybe one day he'll want to come out from behind the counter and talk to you. There's nothing wrong with having a new friend." Of course she didn't mean friend in a strictly platonic way, you know how moms can be.  Next time I'll try to pay closer attention and see if I can pick up on any signs. But it's entirely likely that he's just bored, friendly, and is like that with everyone. Yeah, he's probably just friendly.

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