Thursday, March 7, 2013

Arizona Day 4 (Wednesday)

Today we had to get up early because J had a court hearing. Obviously I can't talk about the details (partly because I don't know them all). I will say it's sad that a great kid like him has to go through so much at such a young age. It's not even like he has no one in this world. He has relatives, but no one who's supposed to care about him cares or is fit to look after him. I wasn't allowed inside the courtroom because this has nothing to do with me. So, as per usual this week, I got bored and took pictures.

We had to go to Phoenix for the hearing, so we had a long ride there and back for me to take a few more pictures.

Then, as per usual this week, we came back to the house and this is where we've stayed since mid-afternoon. It's not so much being cooped up that bothers me. It's that there are a lot more issues going on in this house than I anticipated before I got here, and the atmosphere isn't very conducive for enjoying oneself. Spring Break is supposed to be fun, right? I'm not mistaken, am I?

Two more days, Danielle. Just get through two more days...

"Ooh, is there food in here?" Sorry Bear, no food.

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