Wednesday, July 17, 2013

3 Things

Thing that I don't do in Japan: Eat bread, sweets, or cheese.
These have been my favorite foods for the longest time. But since I've come to Japan I haven't really eaten them, and I can't say that I miss them. They're slightly expensive here and they take up space (my backpack and the basket on my bike can only hold so much). And in the interest of living on my own, trying to feed myself decently and cutting unnecessary expenses, I don't actually need any of my "favorites". I'll go to Vidal bakery once or twice a week to treat myself, but I definitely don't eat bread, sweets, and cheese everyday like I did back home.

Thing that I've started doing in Japan: Enjoying pop.
I stopped drinking pop about 3 years ago. Other than on special occasions or to see what I'm missing,  I try to avoid it. I think pop for me is like what alcohol is for "normal" people. Most of it is way too strong for me to handle, and I feel funny after drinking it. I haven't even tried that many different kinds of pop here, but I can already say that I like Japanese pop a lot better. It's lighter, softer, and so much more flavorful than the pop that's sold in the States. Melon soda, C.C. Lemon, Calpis Soda, GunGunGuruto, it's all great. I don't get bloated, nor do I feel like I've wronged my body as much after drinking pop here.

Thing that I refuse to do in Japan: Make the peace sign when posing for pictures.
I just don't get it. I don't know how that thing started or why it's become the standard pose in pictures. If that's what Japanese people do, that's fine. But to me, non-Asian people just look silly doing it. I've done a number of things to try to blend in here, but that is definitely not one of them.

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