Saturday, July 13, 2013


While I appreciate that people have so much to say about today's verdict, I must admit that I'm getting tired of this cycle. In just the last few years, there have been numerous cases of injustice involving the American "justice" system. A case receives national attention. People jump on the bandwagon and turn supporting that case into a trend. Such people are then greatly outraged and saddened when the result isn't what they believe it should be. But most of those same people go right back to their lives afterward, and that case is forgotten within a month. Changing your profile pictures and talking about something repeatedly on social media is nice, but that alone doesn't accomplish anything. Those are things that anyone can do, because it doesn't cost them much. All I'm trying to say is what happens "after"? If you are really so outraged and saddened, then continue to do something for the cause even after the case has "ended". Otherwise it's just on to the next one. We has a community and we as a people cannot afford to be so fickle.

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