Friday, July 12, 2013

Koto, then Galileo

To be honest, I've been so busy that I haven't done yoga in almost 3 weeks. And instead of reading the Bible everyday, I've been catching up on the weekends. But all that ends today. Cheers to getting back into good habits!

Evening: Psalm 107.  Namaste 185 "Radiant Joy"

Today was a pretty slow day. I had my second midterm this morning, went to Vidal and Beisia during my lunch break, then came back for this week's JCMU cultural activity which was 琴 (koto). Koto is a traditional Japanese instrument that has 13 strings. We entered the super-secret-hidden tatami room again, where a woman named Ukawa-sensei played a song for us.


After her performance, she told us about the koto's structure, how it works, and how it's played. Then she helped us learn how to play a couple simple songs on it ourselves.

Once that ended I came back to my room, and I've been chilling here watching Galileo all afternoon and evening. It's been a hot, humid, busy, stressful week and I really just wanted to do nothing today. I have a 3-day weekend so I think I can afford a lazy Friday.

70 Days in Kansai photos (JULY/AUGUST) \
 70 Days in Kansai photos (JUNE)

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