Sunday, August 10, 2014

Outings (Best Friends)

Yummie Yogurt - Rochester Hills (9 August) 
  • Reunited with my two best friends Di and Mo; we're finally all back home for the summer at the same time
  • First stop was "frozen yo", one of Mo's obsessions
  • Butter pecan yogurt + taro yogurt + Reese's peanut butter cup + blackberries
  • Grabbing a bench in the courtyard; eating, catching up, and watching families play
  • Filling each other in on our summer experiences (Paris intern, Google intern, senior citizen living community volunteer/intern)
  • Stories about dating fiascoes and terrible supervisors
  • Google adwords
  • Taking 5 minutes to snap a group photo that should've taken 30 seconds; once we got it right we each had to have one on our own phones
  • 11pm came around, temperature dropped, lights went off and businesses were closing, but we didn't want to go home...
  • Only two out of three of us were of age, so bars were out; looked up a place open late to get some grub instead

Ram's Horn - Rochester Hills (9 August) 
  • Thank God for 24 hour restaurants!
  • Couldn't eat another thing; just ordered chamomile tea + honey + lemon
  • Mo and Di ordered sweet potato fries and onion rings respectively; Di kept trying to push her food onto me
  • "Help me eat this!"
  • Chatting about boys, entertainers, and rude customers
  • "I can't wait 'til you come out of your shell"
  •  Dropping me off first, but stayed in my driveway listening to music and still yappin'
  • "All About that Bass" + "Bang Bang" + Di introducing us to Shi Wisdom
  • See y'all on Monday!

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