Friday, August 1, 2014

Outings: Bean & Leaf

After having had my homebody nature altered by my solo ventures in Paris, I've decided to keep up that planning, exploring, seeingwhathappens habit stateside and keep a record of it. I've given myself only two rules. Rule 1: Don't let more than three days pass without doing something. Rule 2: Dates with Ma may or may not count. I'm calling this series "Outings".

Bean & Leaf Cafe - Rochester (29 July)
  • Large matcha latte w/ honey + snack box (crackers, carrots, grapes, almonds and cranberries)
  • Quiet place to sit for hours, watching J-drama and prepping for the next day's interview
  • Window seat, people-watching
  • Everyone in their own world, no one bothering you
  • Too-sweet yogurt parfait
  • Borrowing a pen from staff and writing away

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